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Reputation management matters

reputation management

Branding vs Reputation Someone said to me recently, “reputation doesn’t matter, it’s all about how you brand”. Wow I thought, that takes the personality out of it, although of course I could understand what they meant.   Certainly in business, or for individuals (particularly celebrities),  if you create a lot of hype and gloss about […]

Raising Adolescents


How are you going raising your tweens and teens? Raising adolescents is  both a wonderful period of change and a tricky stage for parents and can be a really difficult time for your children. I like to think of it as our children turning into butterflies.   It is a time of massive physical development, hormonal changes and development […]


facebook safety

Online Safety One of the biggest concerns every  parent has for their children is to keep them safe, whether online or offline (At home, at school, at play). Some new developments are making online safety easier and improving offline safety as well.  In this blog we will look at some of the newer features and products […]

Mobile Apps and your child

app awareness

There are literally hundreds of thousands of apps available for us to download to our smartphones and tablets.  The choice is incredible with apps for all kinds of things, from keeping us organised with shopping lists, travel lists, find a quote, manage our business, play a game, apps to find a date (or meet a […]

Has Meow Chat crept in through your cat flap?


                Have you been indundated with requests to connect on Meow Chat?    Yet another instant messaging service, this one offered through Facebook, on itunes and google play also allows contacts with randoms, so it’s kind of bringing in some of the dating/hook up/meet up aspects of Tinder […]

When the reviewer becomes the reviewed

restaurants review customers

Restaurants are finally getting a chance to even up the score.  For years we as customers have been able to comment, praise and critique restaurants via various forums (ie Trip Advisor, Yelp, Urbanspoon etc.   A recent  article by Inga Ting on  outlines how Restaurants are now using social to gain insights into their […]

Top Heartbleed Security Checks for Parents


You may have heard about the recent internet security flaw know as “Heartbleed”.  This encryption flaw means that there are vulnerabilities in many platforms and apps which may have exposed some of your passwords and personal data such as credit card numbers for up to two years.    It is important to regularly change passwords  and […]

Parent awareness bulletin: Facebook Nearby Friends Feature

nearby friends

Facebook have announced the gradual rollout of  a new optional feature (initially in the USA)  which uses your Smartphone’s GPS system to let you know when Facebook friends are nearby.     The feature is only available to over 18’s but we know there are many users on Facebook who have joined with a false […]

Changes to Company Pages on Linkedin

linkedin changes

Many of you should now be aware of changes which will soon occur for Linkedin Company pages. Rather than the product and services tabs (which incidentally I quite liked), there will be a move to Showcase pages and making company updates.   What does this mean for you and your company page? On 14 April […]

Spotting fake profiles on LinkedIn


LinkedIn lately seems to be getting “busier”.   There seems to be more and more people over posting (not original content), sharing pictures (cats and dogs etc), games and other spammy material which don’t really add value to their connection.   The LinkedIn advantage is that it is a professional space, and it seems that […]

website security