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Changes to Company Pages on Linkedin

linkedin changes

Many of you should now be aware of changes which will soon occur for Linkedin Company pages. Rather than the product and services tabs (which incidentally I quite liked), there will be a move to Showcase pages and making company updates.   What does this mean for you and your company page? On 14 April […]

Spotting fake profiles on LinkedIn


LinkedIn lately seems to be getting “busier”.   There seems to be more and more people over posting (not original content), sharing pictures (cats and dogs etc), games and other spammy material which don’t really add value to their connection.   The LinkedIn advantage is that it is a professional space, and it seems that […]

LION isnt the king on LINKEDIN

letiquette SERIES

I have to admit that until recently, I hadn’t been too fussed about the posts I was seeing about LION networking.  The reason is that I am fairly discerning with growing my network.   I like to see what shared business interests, connections, goals, and values are there before I accept or request a connection. […]

Scratching the Surface – Microsoft red tape


Last year I was in San Diego. I needed to purchase a new tablet for the conference I was at after breaking my iPad. I brought a surface pro at Microsoft Store in San Diego as I liked that it was a full computer. I only had Australian Amex and paid for the tablet this […]

MYBIZCARD Begone -Letiquette lesson No 2


Are you totally over those random inmails on your Linkedin asking for a review? You know the ones .. they look like this From all my research into this app – there isn’t much good about it.  If you have received one there are two things I ask you not to do: 1. DO NOT […]



LETIQUETTE – LINKEDIN ETIQUETTE In recent times there has been a bit of a change filtering into LinkedIn and in my opinion it’s not all been for the better.  From my observations it’s change being driven by users, due to a poor understanding of what LinkedIn is for and how to use it well. As a […]

Looking after your customers and clients

We love this post by Sue Ellam for the 7 Graces of Ethical Marketing. It embraces the concepts of Ethical marketing and the importance of looking after your customers and clients. Enjoy. Fiona. How NOT to Run an Ethical Business (via 7 Graces of Marketing – Ethical Marketing for Social Entrepr) Sue Ellam explores the […]

Facebook LooksBack – Laugh cry or maybe cringe?

As Facebook celebrates its 10th birthday, much fun is to be had through the auto creation of a recap of your “life” on Facebook.    This is where embarrassing photographs that were publicly posted just might come back to bite you! Set to music, Facebook captures the year you joined Facebook,  some of your first […]

Apple App Refunds Yes or No?


Could APPLE owe you a refund?   Should they?  Whose fault is it really? Following a recent Federal ruling in the USA,  Apple has until the end of March 2014 to notify it’s US customers of any potential reimbursements which may be due from the unauthorized purchase of  apps from iTunes. Many parents are not aware […]

Facebook promotions made easier

One of the most common frustrations for Social Media Educators and Marketers is when we see Facebook  competitions or promotions not being run correctly.    Although Facebook has relaxed the rules around promotions there are still several important things to understand. It can be confusing and this is where using a consultant to set up […]

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